Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Gourmet Foods?

Somewhere in Fitchburg, Massachusetts

I enjoy taking pictures of humorous signs, especially when they aren't intended to be humorous, like these. I'm tempted to offer a free meal to anyone who can identify the exact location of these dumpsters, but I suspect you wouldn't want it! I'll give you this hint. You can find the dumpsters somewhere along Route 12 in Fitchburg, Mass. They're in the parking lot of an establishment that is apparently short on advertising space. I know I get hungry every time I drive by!


  1. Have no idea where it is, but did you know that there likely is good food in those dumpsters. I just read this NY Times article that says American's discard 27% of the food available for consumption.

    It seems unfortunate to me.

  2. I agree. It's sad to see how much food we waste when so much of the world struggles with hunger. With so much prosperity in the U.S., there should never be a need for anyone to eat out of a dumpster.

  3. I've heard of middle class people in the U. S. getting food out of dumpsters because they were extreme penny pinchers, ultra tightwads. When I worked at a fried chicken restaurant we threw away perfectly good food every night. Our goal was zero waste but its tough to predict how much chicken you're going to need to fry.